If you would like to be notified, please email me and I will add you to the list. We limit this class to 8 students so each will receive proper instruction.

Handgun Skills Clinic (THREE HOURS)

The targets above and below were shot by two of our recent students in the Handgun Skills Clinic.  The targets on the left were shot at the beginning of the class.  Ten shots were fired from seven yards with only seven and nine of them hitting the paper. After all students were evaluated, the work began on making corrections to their shooting techniques.  Near the end of our class the students again shot ten rounds at a clean target to measure their improvement.   The targets on the right are the result of three hours of training.  Needless to say, these two students went home happy.  

By the way, all six students showed noticeable improvement with their targets too.  We keep this clinic small so each student can get the necessary individual attention.


What is the fastest way to learn to shoot your handgun better?

We believe that the fastest way is with proper training from a professional who has the experience to teach the necessary skills required for good shooting. With over forty years of shooting experience and having taught over a thousand students in the NC Concealed Carry Classes and other Defensive Shooting Classes, we believe that we can help you become a better shooter in just three hours.

Who should take this class? This class should be considered by anyone who has a desire to improve their ability to shoot a handgun accurately. Even experienced shooters will leave this class with a better understanding of how to shoot their handgun more accurately.

Date:    July 25, 2020
Location:  Wilson County: Exact location will be provided for each student upon registration.

Cost:    $60.00

Equipment: Hearing protection, eye protection, quality handgun (call if there is a question about your chosen firearm), 100 rounds of ammunition, spare magazines, (PLEASE BRING AT LEAST TWO MAGAZINES FOR YOUR HANDGUN!) boo boo kit (first aid), liquids, lawn chair, cap or hat with a bill or brim, eye and ear protection, snack.
We will begin this clinic with our usual safety briefing and quickly proceed to the basics required for proper handgun shooting. 

This is not a class about tactics.  This class is all pistol marksmanship and shooting skills.

Some in this class will be amazed at how much their shooting will improve. Everyone will leave with an improved confidence in their ability to shoot their handgun  accurately.