• The criteria to be an instructor for the North Carolina Concealed Handgun Class is not very stringent. No law enforcement experience is required. You only need a NRA Basic Pistol Instructors Certification and a four hour class presented by the NC Dept. of Justice. There are many new instructors teaching this class and many are just minimally qualified.

  • The NRA Basic Pistol Instructor's course does not teach ANY legal issues nor does it require prior law enforcement experience. It is all about safety and firearms. I can assure you that without a substantial law enforcement background or many hours of legal training, an instructor can not correctly answer the many , many questions that arises in class about the use of deadly force.

  • Your training will be an important part of your defense if you are ever charged with violating the Use of Deadly Force laws. A competent instructor, one with many hours of court room experience will be a valuable asset for you and your attorney if you have to appear in court as a result of your use of deadly force.


All too often citizens who use deadly force end up being convicted of Manslaughter because they did not meet all the requirements of Perfect Self Defense.  Their Imperfect Defense is usually the result of not having sufficient knowledge of the law and therefore violating the self defense criteria for a perfect self defense case.

Proper training will usually prevent such a situation from occurring.
My background
  • Over 40 years of law enforcement
  • Four years as a Security Police Officer (K-9) USAF  Vietnam Service 1966 - 1967
  • Certified by NC Department of Justice as a Firearms Safety  Instructor
  • National Rifle Association  instructor for the Basic Pistol, Rifle and Basic Shotgun Courses
  • Certified NRA Range Safety Officer
  • Graduate of Massad Ayoob's, Lethal Force Institute
  • Graduate of various firearms classes by world class instructors, such as Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical, Bruce Gray of Gray Guns, Scott Warren of Warren Tactical, Randy Harris of Suarez International, Rob Haught (Shotgun)
My wife, Dianne, serves as my assistant, and is a retired educator, having taught in the NC public school system for 34 years.  Dianne is also an avid shooter and graduate of Massad Ayoob's, Lethal Force Institute.

LFI is the most intensive and premier training course in the nation for citizens who want the absolute best training in the Judicious Use of Deadly Force and Stress Fire.  Stress Fire is a method of shooting developed by leading firearms expert and noted author, Massad Ayoob, and involves the use of firearms under extreme stress.

(Left)Chris Raper and (Right) Massad Ayoob

I wish everyone could have the opportunity to train under the skillful and watchful eye of Massad Ayoob.  Anyone who considers a firearm for defense should train with him.

In his career, Massad has authored over ten books, and has written over one thousand magazine articles. He continues to serve as an expert witness on the use of deadly force in numerous criminal trials throughout the country. I consider Mas to be THE nations expert on the use of deadly force.


                       (Left) Bruce Gray of Gray Guns Inc.                                                                                                  
(Right) Chris Raper, Advanced Pistol Class at Oxford, NC (2009)

Bruce is a Master of his trade and anyone who has a chance to train under him should not allow the opportunity to pass. 

Bruce is a Master Gunsmith specializing in Sig Sauer firearms.  He can be contacted at www.grayguns.com or 541-468-3840.

Bruce has been competing for thirty-three years and holds the highest classifications in all three action shooting disciplines: NRA Action, USPSA/IPSC and IDPA. He has won gold medals from several world-championship teams, and won a number of state, regional and national titles over the years, shooting as a sponsored shooter for Heckler & Koch and Sig Arms (Sig Sauer).  Bruce has also worked as an overseas contractor and as a firearms instructor for a Federal agency as well as law enforcement. He currently serves his community as a sworn peace officer. ______________________________________________________________

(Left) Randy Harris, Close Range Gun Fighting Instructor, Suarez International
(Right)  Chris Raper,  Concealed Handgun Carry.

Recent Close Range Gun Fighting Class, Chattanooga, TN


                             Chris Raper                                                            Larry Vickers (Vickers Tactical)   

Larry Vickers is a US Army retired Sergeant Major.  Larry also served 15 years on a Delta Force Assault Team.  He is also one of the founding members of the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA).  As the owner of Vickers Tactical, he offers world class firearms training.  I consider it an honor and privilege to have trained under his guidance.

Larry is as good at his AR15 Shooting Classes as he is pistol.  I completed both his pistol and  AR15 Classes in  2011.  He teaches "real world" shooting methods.                                                                                                  

                     Scott Warren, owner of Warren Tactical Sights                    Chris Raper, Concealed Handgun Carry

(Oxford, NC at a recent Advanced level pistol class)

Scott is a retired FBI Agent, having been a lead firearms instructor for many years.  He also served on the FBI Hostage Rescue Team
for  many years.  Scott has made great strides in developing combat sights for handguns.  I consider it an honor and privilege to have had the opportunity to recently train under his guidance and expertise.

    Chris Raper                                  Rob Haught
Rob Haught is THE expert shotgun instructor for Grey Group Training.  Rob teaches a

   method of shotgun recoil mitigation that will make anyone a believer.  After nearly 400
                  rounds of shotgun shells over two days and no sore shoulder, I am a believer!

Before you select an instructor, COMPARE FIRST!