My first exposure to the AR15 platform was back in 1966, just prior to my shipping out to Vietnam.  While in Vietnam, my Security Police K-9 unit was among the very first to be issued the CAR 15.  The CAR 15 was the predecessor to today's M4 Carbine.  The AR 15/M 16 carbine of today is an even more reliable battle weapon than it was back then.

Those of you who have taken any of our classes know what to expect from Concealed Handgun Carry.  For our new students, we welcome the opportunity to work with you and help refine your training.

Every class begins with some warm-up basics.  Here students practice the sitting position.

Students practice off hand drills.


Student dry fires while balancing an empty shell on the barrel.

This video was part of the night firing portion of a recent AR-15 Carbine Class consisting of seven students.  Bright muzzle flashes are from a Rock River Arms Operator 2 with factory compensator, using Federal XM193 ammo.  The other carbines were using factory standard suppressors and mostly Federal XM193.  There was quite a difference between the two.

Students will learn the following

  • Proper loading
  • Proper lubrication
  • Equipment suggestions and uses
  • Proper magazine loading and magazine changes
  • Malfunctions with dummy rounds and how to clear your carbine
  • Shooting positions
  • CQB Positions
  • Shooting on the move
  • Proper transitions to sidearm
  • multiple target drills

Your carbine/rifle should be sighted in properly prior to attending this class.  A 50/200 yard zero will work great for this class.   The choice is up to you, but you should know the  aim/hit differences at 0 to 50 yards.

Below is a list of equipment you will need to bring to your Carbine Class
  • Hearing and eye protection (electronic hearing protection is recommended)
  • Sturdy shoes and clothing you will not mind getting dirty. (If you wish, bring a clean set to change into.) .223 shells get very hot, you don’t want one going down your shirt!
  • Rain coat, water bottle, Boo Boo kit (first aid), cap or hat with brim, folding chair.
  • Weapons cleaning kit, Knee pads (optional) (The kind they sell at Lowe’s or Home Depot will    work.) (Thin foam duct taped to the inside of an old pair of slacks works great!)
  • Carbine, pistol, ammo (300 rounds for carbine) (50 rounds for pistol)
  • Sling for your carbine, tools for your sight adjustment
  • Optics for your carbine is fine but should also allow you to shoot quickly at close range.  Magnified optics will not work well for this class at shooting distances less than 50 yards.
  • At least three 30 round carbine mags and a method to secure at least one extra mag for rapid reloads.
  •  At least two pistol mags and a method to secure at least one extra mag for rapid reloads.
  •  Please mark or place your name/initials on each magazine.
  •  Bring your dinner.  We will take a short meal break just prior to dark.
Note:  There will not be any running in this class, but movement will be used during some of the drills.  No one is expected to do anything they are not physically comfortable with.


Be sure you purchase the correct ammunition for your carbine.

NO GREEN TIP AMMUNITION WILL BE ALLOWED! NO EXCEPTIONS! You will be shooting steel in part of this class and green tip will damage the steel targets.

 If your rifle is stamped .223, you should NOT be shooting military 5.56 ammo because of the higher pressures generated by the 5.56 round.  THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. I DON'T CARE WHAT THE GUY AT THE GUN SHOP TELLS YOU!

The difference is in the chamber of the two rifles.  Since the chamber for the .223 stamped barrel is shorter, it builds higher pressures when used with the 5.56 round.  DO NOT SHOOT 5.56 AMMO IN YOUR RIFLE IF IT IS NOT STAMPED 5.56!

If your rifle is stamped 5.56, it is OK to use .223 ammo.  Your 5.56 stamped barrel will handle the lower pressures of the .223 without a problem.

Thoughts vary as to the best 5.56 or .223 ammo to shoot in your AR 15.  Some AR manufacturers will void the warranty if inexpensive Wolf ammo is fired in them.  Others say that Wolf ammo is fine.  You be the judge.  Personally, I use Lake City brass ammo labeled Federal XM 193.  It shoots 100% in my rifle and has proven to be very accurate.   Another brand is PMC.  It maintains a good reputation among AR 15 shooters. NO GREEN TIP AMMO! Green tip ammo has a steel core and can cause damage to steel targets.