DEFENSIVE SHOOTING CLASS (Limited to 10 students)



Student learns how to shoot moving targets prior to learning to shoot moving targets while on the move.

What equipment will I need in this class?
  • Handgun:  Your handgun should be one that you carry or intend to carry.  Please do not bring the hand cannon you use to bear hunt!  We encourage students to bring the gun you carry on a regular basis as this is the  gun you should practice with.  Do not bring a cowboy or western styled single action handgun!  Even if this is your carry gun, this style gun is far too slow to load and reload and not suitable for this defensive shooting class.  A .380 ACP handgun is the smallest caliber handgun allowed in this class.  (A .22 cal. handgun is not allowed in this class.)
  • Magazin.e:  You should have at least three magazines for your semi-automati0c.  Bring more if you have them.  If you are shooting a revolver, you should have at least one speed loader designed for your revolver.  Bring more than one if you have them.
  • Holster:  You MUST HAVE a properly fitting holster for your handgun.  No generic-one-size-fits-all holsters will be allowed.  Your holster must be worn at the waist and no cross draw or shoulder holsters will be allowed due to safety concerns.   Strap type retention devices are a danger in re-holstering and will not be allowed in this class.
  • Ammunition:  You will need 300 rounds of ammunition.  Some ammunition is scarce.  I recommend that you do not wait until the last minute to purchase ammo.  If you are planning on using hand loads please let me know prior to your attendance.
  • Safety Equipment:  Hearing protection (electronic protection is best because it allows you to better hear all the range instructions.), eye protection, cap, hat or visor to protect the face from hot shells fired by the shooter close to you. No shorts or open toe shoes will be allowed.   Shoes that offer ankle support is strongly advised.  Please wear long pants. 
  • Other Equipment:  Bring a folding chair, water bottle, snacks, pocket note pad and pen.  There is a restroom on site.  A tote type bag or range bag would be good to contain all your equipment.  (A five gallon bucket with a lid makes a good carry device for all your equipment and also can serve as a seat if you need to rest.)

Student shoots in the Defensive Shooting Class

Students moves from line of attack and shoots from retention.

Students shoots from close retention at simulated attacker.

NOTE:  We have consolidated the Defensive Shooting Class and the Advanced Gun Fighting Skills Class into one fantastic class!  By utilizing the feedback from our students, we have developed a course that we believe will surpass any in the country when you consider course content, price and instructor experience.

Feedback from some of our students about our Defensive Shooting and Gun Fighting Classes.

Chris and Dianne,

I would again like thank you for the very professional training I received from your classes. The classes were everything I was expecting from Chris Raper, with the background and years of experience in law enforcement along with the gun skills/training that he has honed along the way.

Safety is the top priority to Chris for the well being of the students regardless of their experience or lack of. His knowledge of handguns and the

ability to quickly learn his students puts Chris' instructional capabilities world class.
I'm very proud to hold the honor of being the 25th student to receive the Warrior Award. The time put in to complete all the classes have made me a more aware and prepared citizen to be able to deal with those situations we pray never arise.
Chris, Dianne and David, I will be seeing you guys soon for scheduled events upcoming and I will be back to all classes to further build the skill sets.

Thank you all!
keep em' ready, keep em' safe!
Mike B.


  Read what this former law enforcement officer had to had to say about our Defensive Shooting Class.

 Hi Chris,

Thanks for the quick score report, and the nice words. Again I apologize for what I did to "Bubba" I could not make that shot again for a million bucks. I hope you get him back in action soon. Your class was top notch. In my 20 years of law enforcement I never received such thorough "real life" training in one day. Many of the things you taught us on Saturday were taught to me by the police department, but over several years of twice a year one day training sessions. Your night firing training was first rate and by far exceeded what I was able to do while with the police department. I have not trained since I retired in 2006, but I can honestly say that one day with you has brought me up to date, and has returned me to my "tactical mind set" that I may have let lapse. Many thanks to you Dianne, and Dave for providing such a great class. I look forward to the After Deadly Force class, and the Defensive Shooting Class. I would also like to make attending the Advanced Gun fighting Class a yearly event. Once Again Thank You, and I hope to see you in February.

Joe C.


 Who should take this class?

  • If you carry a concealed handgun, keep a handgun at  home  for personal protection and have a Concealed Handgun Permit then you would benefit from this class.  Even if you are an expert shot and active in the action shooting sports  you will receive valuable and potentially life saving information in this class. 
  • There are many valuable benefits to competition shooting, but too often competition shooting teaches too many skills that are counter productive to real life combat defensive shooting situations.  This class will point out some of those differences THAT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!
  • This class is not about scoring points.  It is about saving your life in a deadly force confrontation and going home to your family!
  • This class is about how to increase your survivability in a deadly force encounter.  While we will reinforce basic shooting fundamentals, our emphasis will be on safety and the defensive application of your concealed carry handgun in practical situations.

Many of the techniques that will be presented in this class are not taught to the average law enforcement officer.   There are very few classes with this level of training  available for qualified civilians.  

Training objectives for our Defensive Shooting  Class:

1. Advance the student to a higher level of comfort with their handgun.
2. Increase the abilities of the student to not just survive but to WIN a gunfight.
3. Enable the student to safely use a handgun in a stressful 360 degree environment.

Participants will be expected to be comfortable with their handgun and the application of SAFETY at all times.

Again, we encourage you to bring a QUALITY handgun you would carry concealed. However, if you carry a small lightweight .38 cal., your hand will be hurting by the end of the day as you will be shooting approximately 300 rounds.  (weight lifting gloves from Wall Mart work well)

This is a class where you not only be taught the skill, but you will get an opportunity to work towards becoming proficient with that skill.

Here are some of the things you will be presented in this class.

  • Loading your handgun under stress
  • Loading your handgun with one arm/hand
  • Shooting on the move (LOTS OF SHOOTING ON THE MOVE)
  • Shooting from retention
  • Support hand shooting techniques
  • Point shooting (Advantages and Disadvantages)
  • Moving from the line of attack
  • Taking and holding a person at gun point  (Safe and Proper Way)
  • Handling your handgun safely in a 360 degree environment
  • Shooting moving reactive targets while you are on the move (FUN FUN FUN)

Class information

  • This class will be approximately 6 hours.
  • Class size will be limited to 10 students.
  • Only handguns of .380 or larger will be allowed in this class.  YOU WILL BE AT A DISADVANTAGE IF YOU USE A SMALL POCKET SIZED PISTOL FOR THIS CLASS.  YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PERFORM ALL THE DRILLS SAFELY IF YOU USE A SMALL .380.  It must be a defensive type firearm as opposed to a target type pistol.  No custom competition pistols allowed.  We want to keep this class practical so we request you bring a handgun that is practical to carry for defensive purposes.
  • You will need enough magazines or speed loaders to allow you to fire 30 rounds prior to having to reload mags or speed loaders.
  • Holster should be designed for your particular handgun and worn on your strong side
  • Ability to retain two magazines on your belt 
  • Your handgun should be one of absolute reliability.
  • Bring a lunch and plenty of fluids for hydration, rain gear, ball cap,  sturdy shoes and long pants, bring a folding chair for breaks
  • Ear and eye protection (electronic type works best to hear all instructions)
  • Participants who have taken our previous classes are aware of the nice training certificates we present  and this class will not be an exception.  You will receive a nice certificate of training.
  • Cost $125.00

    We may add or delete from the posted list.  Please check back as we will continue to fine tune this class.

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Moving off the line of attack.

Strong hand shooting from 7 yards.

Students shoot with support hand at 5 yards.

Student firing from the barricade position.

Students prepare to shoot from close retention while defending against simulated attacker.

Instructor stays close as student shoots on the move at 3 yards.

                                      This class is designed for holders of a Concealed Handgun Carry Permit.


Ask your attorney about the difference in Perfect Self-Defense and Imperfect Self-Defense.  Most likely, he will tell you that it is the difference between training and no or very little training in the Use of Deadly Force.  

If most of your training consists of standing in front of a static target and shooting round after round from a static position, you are NOT training for a life or death confrontation with an armed suspect.  You are only fooling your self and building a false sense of security.  In short, you are setting your self up for possible failure. 

You can help yourself overcome this self defeating training regimen by taking advantage of more modern training in the use of firearms and deadly force.

Most citizens who obtain their Concealed Handgun Permit do not follow up with proper defensive training.  This is often caused by a lack of suitable training designed just for the average citizen.  Now the average citizen can advance their defensive training by taking this course.  We designed this course just for you!  This class will emphasize shooting under stress and will teach valuable skills that will enable you to better handle the stress of a use of deadly force incident.

  • Remember!  If you are ever in a "use of deadly force incident", your training will be one of the first things your defense attorney will want to know about.  If you have not had training beyond your Concealed Carry Class, the prosecution will have a much better chance of making you appear incompetent with a firearm. 

  • Your testimony has to be based upon knowledge and training you had PRIOR TO THE SHOOTING!

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